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Let’s face it; keeping your septic system in good working order is one of the few chores you’d rather leave to someone else. But choosing the right “someone” is critical. Without competent, professional maintenance you could one day have an expensive and potentially environmentally dangerous mess on your hands. Be sure to choose Dominion Septic, Inc. that is manufacturer certified to maintain your complex and expensive system. And if you have a failing system, or just require a simple repair, our sister company of Authorized On-site Soil Evaluators, Dominion Soil Science, Inc., can perform any necessary soil work, designs and Health Department submittal packages to fast track your project.

Both are good reasons to trust Dominion Septic, Inc.

As an on-site waste-water service provider, we will operate & maintain your on-site waste-water disposal system to keep it in top working condition. We conduct annual and semi-annual inspections and perform all necessary maintenance your system requires. With more than 45 years combined industry experience, the professionals at Dominion Septic give our clients the confidence that the job will be completed correctly, executed safely and with a conscientious effort to preserve the integrity of the environment.

We take our job seriously and we look forward to being of serious service to you!


Thank you, thank you, and thanks again, David. We are very grateful to you and Dominion Septic, Inc.
When faced with the first problem with our septic system my husband and I found ourselves very fortunate to have chosen Dominion Septic, Inc. In May of 2009 the cheap pump installed by the developer gave out. With little notice you quickly installed a quality replacement pump, restoring the system to operation resulting in no inconveniences to us at all.

We also decided to have a tank riser installed on our septic tank. In order to d that they had to cut our sod. We have a sprinkler system and we were not sure where the piping was. David and his crew were very careful when cutting our sod, not only for the appearance of our yard, but more importantly to ensure none of the sprinkler system piping was damaged in the process. When all as said and done we could not even tell where they had cut the sod. David’s professionalism and his consideration and carefulness are beyond impressive. It should also be noted that not only was the quality of the work exceptional, but they also showed up on time!

Then February 2, 2012 we again had an emergent issue, this time with the floats. I had called Dominion Septic, Inc. at 9:30AM; David was here at 1PM. We live in the Lake Anna area and our yard was still very deep in snow, not to mention it was very cold outside. The weather did not hinder David at all, his professionalism shined through.

In today’s day and age it seems more and more that a lot of companies feel they are doing you a favor by showing up at all. Needless to say it is nice to find a company like yours that really does care about the customer and the their problem, and takes pride in resolving them in a prompt and professional manner. Dominion Septic, Inc. does exactly that. We highly recommend Dave and Dominion Septic, Inc.

Charlene Pietranton, February 8, 2010

Thank you so much for the work you did on the Poole family home. You helped to make the family’s dreams come true! With the continued support of volunteers and businesses like you, we will put an end to poverty housing in our community.

Aubree Silver and the Fauquier Habitat for Humanity Staff, October 15, 2009

Thank you for choosing to support the mission of Hanover Habitat for Humanity! Your recent donation to Hanover Habitat of an engineered design for a septic system, valued by you at $300.00, will be used to help us construct a home for another local family in need.

During these trying economic times, it is more important than ever to lend a helping hand. By doing so, you are making it possible for a family to realize the dream of homeownership and experience the stability and security that come with it. This improves individual lives as well as the community in which they reside. Thank you again for making it possible for us to continue improving the lives of our neighbors and making our community a better place to live.

Tim Bowing, Executive Director for Hanover Habitat for Humanity, January 27, 2009