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You can rely on us whenever you need a repair, and whenever you’re scheduled to have maintenance. We monitor, repair and maintain most all leading systems.

Need to locate your existing system? We can camera, locate, mark and record the condition of your system. This is very important when considering additions/pools/expanding drainfields etc.

Your drainfield can become damaged by excess water, plants and shrubbery, vehicle traffic and parking, and for a variety of other reasons. It’s critical to have damage addressed to restore proper functioning. We provide expert repair service for any kind of drainfield problem.

Inspections of wastewater disposal systems are a proven way to prevent costly unanticipated repairs. Inspections also assure you that you are disposing of sewage safely and legally. We offer thorough National Sanitation Foundation inspection (and peace of mind) at an affordable price. We highly recommend having a pre-sale inspection of any sewage disposal system prior to buying or selling a home.

Need a difficult septic problem solved? Planning a new home or new housing development in an unsewered area? We can help answer all your septic questions.

Call us 7 days a week, 6 am to 6 pm for prompt response and to get your system functioning properly again . We are committed to your satisfaction.

We only use high quality materials that meet and or exceed VDH regulations. We also usually take longer than other installers to install a system due to our attention to detail in order to provide you with the best workmanship possible.



Annual or long term contracts with Dominion Septic will aid in the prevention of all onsite systems from malfunction. System components are checked to ensure peak operating performance of your onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system. More systems are being placed in marginal soils and smaller lots, therefore, peak performance is critical to avoid negative impacts to the environment and prevent public health hazards.

Owners of rental homes and commercial properties will be notified of system abuse and can rectify problems before expensive repairs are required.


  • Advantex

  • MicroFAST

  • Puraflo

  • Eco-flo

  • Aqua Safe

  • Multi-flo

  • Delta products

  • E-Z Treat

  • American Manufacturing Drip Systems

  • Geoflow Drip Systems

  • Sand filters

  • Pump/Lift Stations

  • Jet Systems

  • Aquarobic

  • Clear Stream

  • Ecopod

  • Best 1

  • Nibbler